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New Spider Tank available now from Antenocitis Workshop

has their new Spider Tank (Spider Tank. Does whatever a Spider Tank does) available over on their website.

From the release:

The T-PEA “Mobile Turret” or “Spider Tank” is a pilotless military drone designed for Urban or Rough-Terrain combat. It is a dedicated heavy-weapons platform that can clamber across pretty much any rough terrain and is heavily armoured and armed to allow it to suppress most enemy vehicles and personnel that it is likely to encounter.

Its’ standard lead-out includes a tri-barrelled 40mm auto-canon and a heavy Xaser, the former capable of dealing with any light-medium armoured vehicles, non-military buildings and all infantry, the latter capable of ‘burning through’ most armours and buildings.

Spider Intelligences are sub-sentient and can be replaced altogether by a pilot in modified versions for lower-tech planets and forces. Such modification drastically reduces its armaments load-out, mission longevity and survivability but is nonetheless fairly common in lower-tech environments.