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New Specialization Decks Available For the Star Wars RPG From Fantasy Flight Games

The galaxy far, far away is a big place. There's hundreds of races, each with billions of people (or, I guess "people"), spread across thousands of planets. Obviously, there's going to be some variation between different individuals. So creating rules sets to let you play all the different types of character is going to get tough. To help you keep track of things, Fantasy Flight has come out with their new Specialization Decks.

There are twenty cards in each deck to help you reference every talent in the core rulebook. They've got special artwork to help denote each of the character specializations (so you have the starfighter ace in all sorts of cool ships, flying through space and so forth). These will help speed up your games, by giving you all the information you need right in-hand without having to flip through a rulebook. You've just got a short stack of cards to deal with, depending on the options you pick.