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New Special Endoskeletons Available from Warlord Games for Terminator Genisys

Skynet may be a machine, but it's a thinking machine, able to plan. It knows that one tool isn't going to solve all problems. It takes a whole toolbox in order to get a complex job done. Well, "killing all the humans" is a pretty complex job (just ask Bender). A single type of Endoskeleton armed with just a single type of weapon isn't going to do it. As such, there are several available to use. And Warlord Games is bringing you some models of those types for the Terminator Genisys miniatures game.

There's three new ones available to order from the Warlord Games webshop. You've got the Command Endoskeleton, the Dual-Wielding Endoskeleton, and finally the Endoskeleton with Plasma Gun (no word on if it "gets hot" if you roll a 1). These new figures are cast in pewter.