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New Special Character Available To Pre-Order For Beyond the Gates of Antares

Lots of players like to create their own backstories for their armies. They may put together a commander they like to use and give them a particular narrative to describe how they got to where they are. However, others prefer to see what the writers come up with for the world and see what sort of special characters they come up with. A special character in your force can give the whole army a certain feel for what they're doing and why they're fighting. Well, Warlord Games has a new one for Beyond the Gates of Antares that you can order now.


If you're a fan of lobbing grenades at your opponent at close range, then you'll like Commander Kamrana Josen. He's all about grabbing a whole bandoleer of grenades and practically handing them to an enemy before they go off. Obviously, he has no sense of fear to speak of, and will run off in front of his troops, leaning them in amazing charges (usually to set off amazing charges, if you know what I mean).