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New Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front Scenario Card Preview

Collins Epic Wargames has posted up some previews of the Scenario Cards they're working on as part of their Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front game.


From the post:

Within Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front, I wanted to do something a little different regarding scenarios. The original Spearpoint 1943 included nine free downloadable scenarios that were in an 8.5"x11" format. That's not the best format for a game box that's quite a bit smaller than that. So, for Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front, I envisioned Scenario Cards. Most games that have scenarios include them in a rulebook or in a separate booklet, but what I don't like about that (and I'm guilty of it myself) is that the rulebook should be a standalone reference for the rules- separate from scenarios- such that either can be referred to during the course of a game independently. At least that's my theory.

Scenario Cards in Eastern Front accomplish this (hopefully elegantly) and keep you from having to 1) download additional content, 2) print out that content, and 3) awkwardly store it. In game, the card is a quick-reference for both players, leaving the rulebook for its purpose- a rules reference as needed.

Check out the card (front and back) for the first scenario in Eastern Front, a German anti-partisan operation called Operation Kugelblitz, which historically began in February 1943. Twelve total scenario cards will be included in Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front, inspired by historical battles that occurred during 1943 between the USSR and Germany... Kursk anyone?