New Spearpoint 1943 downloads

Collins Epic Wargames have added new downloads for their Spearpoint 1943 WWII card game.

From their website:

Added several New files and updates in the Spearpoint 1943 Downloads Section. Uploaded Tuck Boxes created by Dustin Bogs for holding Spearpoint 1943 card decks, a set of Quick Reference Summary Sheets by BGG user d bro, and Version 1.1 plus a Change Summary for Situation I. Also, linked to the sample game originally provided in Frontline General News Issue 14 as a preview / walkthru.

Added info and a link on the front page about an add-on Situation for Spearpoint 1943, “Man vs. Beast”. External playtesting is currently underway and is being publicly documented on the game’s BGG entry– including Session Reports from playtesters (See an example). Working with artist Marc von Martial (All Things Zombie, Lock N Load series) to create a tactical village map for the new Situation.