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New Spartan Pre-Releases Available to Order

We're just chock full of pre-releases this morning here on TGN. There were the new Age of Sigmar figures. There's the Warpath Kickstarter (which some consider Kickstarters to just be "glorified pre-releases." I disagree on many occasions, but that's a discussion for the comments section). Now we've got a large amount of Spartan Games pre-releases to let you know about. The releases that'll start shipping on Oct. 28th have been posted in the Spartan webshop.

Spartan is going sci-fi with these releases. Planetfall and Firestorm Armada are getting the newest sets. Planetfall is getting the new Ground Attack Helixes. Meanwhile, Armada is acquiring a new set of forces. There's the Terquai, a human group living under an alien government. Then there's the Xelocians, who are the story of a "once-powerful civilization that survived a catastrophe and are now picking up the pieces."

Go take a look at get your orders put in.