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New Space Terrain mats from Gale Force 9

Gale Force 9 is about to be getting in the first of their Space Mats and they'll be making their way out to you soon.

From the update:

Last year we announced our intention to make a series of printed space mats. These would be similar to our D&D mats, made of durable vinyl that could marked using wet erase markers. We wanted to produce something that was suitable for any sort of space gaming, rather than any one system in particular - mainly because like most gamers we have so many different rule sets we like to play!)

Since then we have received our first production samples and some lucky people have even managed to get their hands on some thanks to an earlier than expected shipment to the US.

Coming up next is a set of Asteroids, after all when you have a nice space mat and a nicely painted fleet of ships, you need to fly past something a little more interesting than a cardboard counter!

The first designs of the Space Mats will officially start shipping later this month, with different designs to follow over the course of the year, whilst the Asteroids will be on sale soon after.