New Space Marine Leaders Available To Order From Games Workshop

I've got a lot of friends that've picked up the new 8th edition of 40k. They all seem to be enjoying it. Mostly, they seem to like the new Primaris Space Marines. Well, as disciplined and such as those guys are, they still need strong and capable leaders to get the job done. Thankfully, Games Workshop has some new ones that you can order.

From the website:

Field a pair of powerful Primaris Space Marine heroes with this bundle. In it, you’ll receive a Primaris Captain and a Primaris Librarian:

The Primaris Captain is a superlative warrior and strategically gifted commander who leads Space Marine companies into battle. Armed with a choice of bolt rifle, Stalker pattern bolt rifle and power sword, his Mk X Tacticus power armour is larger and bulkier than his underlings, and features an iron halo and billowing cloak. He comes with a bare head option.

The Primaris Librarian strides into battle amidst a blaze of psychic energy, blasting foes with warp-force or revitalising their brothers with incredible dynamism. His accoutrements are many and elaborate, from his ornate multi-layered cloak to the detailed wiring going into his psychic hood. He’s armed with a force sword and a holstered bolt pistol, and comes with a bare head option.

Both of these miniatures are non-Chapter specific, and each come with a Citadel 40mm Round base and Ultramarines-Character Transfer Sheet, which features Captain, Chaplain, Librarian and Lieutenant iconography.