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New Space Marine Assault Squad and Chapter Upgrade Kits from Games Workshop

Space Marines are the elite troopers of the Empire of Man in the grimdark future of 40k. These heavily-genetically-modified warriors (who can spit acid, and have a couple different hearts, just for starters), stand ready to protect the Empire from the forces of any aliens that may be around, as well as the perils of the Warp. There are numerous chapters and sub-chapters spread across the galaxy. One problem, though... is that all that ceramite armor can be hard to tell apart. With that, GW has some Chapter Upgrade Kits and waterslide transfer sheets now available to pre-order from their website, along with a new Assault Squad.

The new upgrade kits come with all manner of new shoulder pads and specially-customized weaponry to help you distinguish your marines for your particular chapter, be it Dark Angels, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, or Space Wolves. The Transfer Sheets help even further, by helping out your caffeine hands and create the iconography of your selected chapter on any of the figures you might want.

As for the Assault Squad, like all of GW's kits, customization is key. Don't want your Assault Squad to have jump packs? That's fine. Not only do you get torsos without harnesses on them, but you also get sets of running legs. There's also a total of 23 weapons with which you can arm your guys. I told you there's customization aplenty.