New Space Hulk bag from Battle Foam

By Polar_Bear
In Accessories
Sep 25th, 2014

Battle Foam helps keep your Space Hulk set organized and protected with their new transport bag designed specifically for it.

Space Hulk


From the website:

This load out option comes fully loaded with pre-designed foam trays that fit game pieces from the Space Hulk 2014 board game.

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  • wormwoode

    So, it’s $140. It costs more than the actual game. It’s bigger than the actual game. It doesn’t have cut-outs for all of the actual game.

    Seems legit.

  • tuco

    I think I’ll wait until GW releases the Space Hulk Battle Foam Bag e-book-only tie-in short story from Black Library before I buy this. I think I read that it’s supposed to be Limited Edition, so I want to pre-order right away to make sure they don’t sell out all the e-books before I get one.

  • odinsgrandson

    Does anyone else think it is significant that they can advertise that this is a bag for Space Hulk? Rather than a bag for a mysterious Corridor Science Fiction Board Game?

    I guess that’s what came out of the Chapterhouse case.

    • wormwoode

      Wondered about that, too. Is it finally legally cool to be straight faced about this stuff now?

      • odinsgrandson

        It turns out that it was never actually illegal- just chapter unapproved.

        Now that GW has spent an “indecent amount of money” and ended up creating a US court precedent to establish that it is totally fine to advertise compatibility.

  • wormwoode

    Anyone know of any good aftermarket storage stuff for Space Hulk? I’m a sucker for clever storage solutions, and the game’s worth protecting. The more I look into BattleFoam, the less I like it.

    Is there anything else available?

    • odinsgrandson

      Not a lot of aftermaket for Limited Edition games, really.

      I think your options are per usual- these guys made some to fit, and otherwise you’ve got the usual pick-foam storage options, or building your own.

      I’m not sure that I can actually see the problem with this one. It’s expensive, sure, but that’s the way of foam storage for minis (and I always want to be spending the money on more minis instead).

  • Etnas_Vassal

    Oh, come now. $140 is a bargain to protect a “limited edition” game that GW will re-release once again with minimal tweaks and yet more obscenely overpriced DLC when they need a financial shot in the arm again.

    Y’all are just haters!

  • darkendlight

    just wait another 4 years and the “new” edition will be out with the same models, a couple extra tiles and counters and 4 more new missions.