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New Solar Auxilia Unit Available to Pre-Order from Forge World

I have to say, the look of various Games Workshop/Forge World models sometimes leaves me scratching my head. I tend to not really like it when things are overly-flashy or models are in really awkward poses. Neither of those are the case with the new Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section unit that's up for pre-order now over on Forge World's page.

To me, the figures have just the right amount of detail teamed up with good posing. It's kind of a mix between "boiler room armor" and "deep sea gear." Both are pretty groovy. They come in a squad of 10 armed with Power Axes.

As you can see from the thumbnails there, Forge World is also here to help your caffeine hands with some new transfer sheets. If you play either Alpha Legion or Imperial Fists, you'll want to check them out.

All of those can be ordered now and they'll begin shipping out next week.