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New Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections from Forge World

Forge World has started taking orders for their new Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections over in their webshop.
Flashlights of death!

Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections


From the website:

The image of Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Sections arrayed in multiple, disciplined ranks standing firm against hordes of alien foes is a celebrated one, but it is far from the only way in which they are deployed. Infantry Tercios are adept at fighting in loose order or launching massed assaults across the most hostile of the galaxy's battlefields.

The Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section is a complete multi-part resin kit containing twenty models. Designed by Edgar Skomorowski, each model comes numbered with a corresponding lasrifle, as well as optional Sergeant, Vexilla and Vox Operator components. These models are available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Thursday 30th October.