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New Skirmish Game in Development by Armorcast for Tactical Miniatures Product Line

Armorcast is developing a new skirmish game to be used with the Tactical Miniatures set of modern police figures.

From the announcement:

Urban Chaos will be a skirmish level miniature game featuring modern era cops, thugs, high tech criminals and civilians. In a world that wants to define good and evil in white and black, Urban Chaos defines it in varying levels of gray. A unit or crew can be built and played along a true good and evil premise but it is far more interesting to play for a "win" at all costs and bend the law to the gamers will.
Working with Mega Miniatures, Armorcast has licensed the Body Count rule set and has been customizing the game play for Modern Era Cinematic skirmishes.
Armorcast would like to announce our collaboration with Gary Dumm (, long-time illustrator for Harvey Pekar’s iconic autobiographical comic "American Splendor," which was also made into an acclaimed and award-winning movie. Gary is currently working on the cover art for Armorcast’s "Urban Chaos – Body Count" skirmish level miniature game and is also tasked with producing many character design sketches for the upcoming expansion of our Tactical Miniatures lineup.
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