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Jul 11th, 2012

Sgt Major Miniatures has updated and revamped their website as well as added to their Vietnam and Sci-Fi lines. Check out all the new releases.

From the announcement:

News from Sgt major Miniatures has been silent over the first 2 quarters of 2012, but this does not mean that we have ceased working on our end of things! We have several announcements to make”

For starters, we have launched a new web site. The address remains the same, but the content has been completely revamped from the floor up. The old system was quite outdated, and cumbersome. The new system brings things into the 21st century… If you notice anything amiss with the web site, please let me know. I tried to QA it, but am only one set of eyes, and I am sure things slipped through, especially as I entered over 1,000 product codes by hand this week to get it launched!

New 20mm Vietnam line has been launched. These figures will be on display, and in stock, at Historicon this month, they are already available on the web site”

Since our last news release in 2011, there have been many packs of figures added to the Sci-Fi and Pulp lines. Many of these are still lacking pictures; this should be remedied over the summer. All of the figures will be on display at Historicon for those coming to the show.

For upcoming news, we have purchased two lines of figures recently. We are awaiting the master figures and molds, once in, it will take some time to ramp up production, so look for future news releases as each line comes online. The lines are both 15mm, one is the old Feudal Castings line that was being produced by QRF in the UK, and the other is Venexia out of Italy. Again, more details to follow, but don’t expect anything to be available until August, as there was no existing stock sent with either purchase…

Sgt Major Miniatures

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  • shiny

    Hey there Andy: I wasn;t able to get anything on the 20mm links for any of the nations listed. Am I doing something wrong?

    Looking forward to the 15mm stuff, too! 🙂

  • Maybe? If you are looking at WWII or Vietnam, there is an issue as there should be figures there. If you are looking at the modern range, then you are not experiencing an error. I probablly shouldnt have put the categories in there yet. I have some greens at the mold makers now, and more greens arrivng soon for this line. It will be US, Afghan, and Iraq when finished. They should start to fill out in August, or maybe September, depending on my mold makers schedule. He is sitting on enough greens to do 30+ molds for me right now, and I am not hsi only client…

    Sorry for any confusion this may have caused?