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New Siege Equipment available from from Sally 4th

Sally 4th helps your little mans take down your enemy little mans castles with the release of some new Siege Equipment.

From the release:

This weeks new release continue to build up the equipment available for the besieger. Complementing our recently released siege tower, we now add mantlets, in two styles to suit longbow and crossbow armed troops and an eight wheeled penthouse with an optional battering ram.

The siege mantlets are wheeled and come two to a pack for £5.50.

The wheeled penthouse can be built with or without a battering ram and costs £7.50. Penthouses were used to protect assaulting troops approaching castle walls and to advance siege engineers working on planked roadways, filling ditches with fascines or to deliver work parties to weaken corners of walls and towers with hand tools as well as delivering battering rams to assault positions.

All products are laser cut from mdf and require assembly using pva wood glue.