New Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch Starter Box for Wreck-Age

Hyacinth Games has added their new Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch starter box to their webshop.

Showdown at Burt Tierra Gulch


From the release:

We’re proud to announce our first starter box, which allows 2 people to play Wreck Age. It features the vampyric Stitchers and the barbaric Drifters.

Showdown @ Burnt Tierra Gulch features 8 pewter miniatures, 4 pieces of resin terrain, waypoint tokens, a scenario pack, and quickstart rules.

The caravan paths and walking trails through The Wilds take many travelers through Burnt Tierra Gulch. Due to the high rate of traffic, it holds strategic significance to both the Stitchers and the Drifters in the Area.

Playing Showdown at Burnt Tierra Gulch will determine who will control the gulch, and in turn, the resources that flow through it.

The world of Wreck Age is rich and varied, allowing you to use this starter box as a jump off point for a variety of campaigns and skirmishes limited only by your imagination:

About two centuries ago, Earth verged on total collapse. Clouds of pollution smothered every major city, rising oceans threatened to burst coastal defenses, crops were failing, and people were starving. Left with no alternative, world leaders collaborated on a last-ditch effort to save humankind: the Exodus. It was a grandiose plan involving several waves of evacuations, with the end goal of colonizing distant planets.

The Exodus promised survival for everyone. It was an escape from a decaying planet.

It was hope.

It was a lie.

Only a choice few ever made it to the stars. For those left behind, generations have passed; a new society has emerged from the ashes of the collapse that followed. Recovery is slow and painful. Few grand cities remain, and even fewer great leaders. There is no centralized structure. The powerful fight over the scraps of the old world, while the weak struggle just to make it through another day.