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New Ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing bulks up your fleet options with new ships for Star Fleet and Noble Armada.

From the release:

We have a variety of new ships now available for Noble Armada, with reinforcements for the Noble Houses, and the technologically advanced Church fleet.

No single institution has as much impact on day-to-day life in the Known Worlds than does the Church. Despite the Church’s many factions and sects, the average peasant sees it as a giant monolith, dedicated to saving humanity from the evil inherent in the universe. As far as commoners can tell, all priests, bishops, archbishops and patriarchs work toward the same goal, hand-in-hand, fighting evil together. Never mind the fact that they call one another heretics; the Church itself is good. The peasants’ view only changes when someone tries to replace the sect of their ancestors with a new one.

We have also just released the Decados Michaelangelo Light Cruiser, and House Li Halan now has access to the Ananda Martyr Fighter, capable of wrecking even large warships in a collision!

For A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, we have just unveiled the Gorn fleet, with all new ship designs.