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New ShadowSea Expedition Log Entry

clal-chk sniperAntiMatter Games have posted a new Expedition Log Entry to the ShadowSea website.

From their announcement:
"...The soldier to my right dropped to the ground, his face a hideously contorted mask, while another ran screaming into the chamber, his body crumbling and melting before our horrified eyes. The captain barked an order for his men to fire a volley towards the shadows on the opposite side of the chamber, and through the clouds of smoke I saw a foul manlike shape fall to the ground, dropping a long projectile weapon of some sort as its six limbs convulsed like a gigantic insect... Another of the insectoid monstrosities crashed into the soldiers, knocking them aside as it moved in direction of our ship, but three soldiers guarding the entry door managed to blast it full of holes before it could get through..."
The ShadowSea blog has a new journal entry from Pilny the Aged, documenting his team's discovery of an ancient underwater citadel and the battle to recover the artifacts within.