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New Shadowrun campaigns out for PDF purchase, print pre-order

Catalyst Game Labs expands your Shadowrun resources with two new campaign books. You can get them in pdf now, or if you prefer something a little more solid, you can pre-order the print versions over in their webshop. The two books differ much from one-another, and will test your players in very different ways. In one, a strange force is killing random people and must be stopped. In the other, Megacorps are gearing up for an all-out attack.


Shadowrun: Lockdown takes place in Boston. People from all walks of life, from the city's homeless to those in the high-rise penthouse apartments are coming down with a strange affliction. They hear voices telling them all sorts of crazy things. Eventually the voices get so bad that insanity takes hold. Or the person snaps and seems to turn into another person entirely. The problem is spreading and must be stopped. It's up to your players to find out what's happening and why... without having the voices take them over, themselves, of course.

Shadowrun: Bloody Business

While Lockdown is a more concise whole, Bloody Business is a bit more scattered. There are many opportunities amongst the various megacorporations, if one's scruples aren't very discerning. The various firms feel they're under attack, and for them, the greatest defense is a good offense. They're willing to hire anyone who will get the job done. The jobs will vary from place to place, but it's good money. Players can either use these assignments as a breather between other campaigns, or string them together to create a campaign in its own right.