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New Season II Mascots Available For Guild Ball

If you went to Gen Con and you play Guild Ball, you had a chance to pick up your Season II mascots while at the show. I know I picked up a Wrecker and a Tentacles while there. Well, if you didn't go to the show, your own wait for the release of most of the Season II mascots is over. Four of them are now available over in the Steamforged webshop, along with a new carrying case.

So, if you're a manager for the Butchers, Fishermen, Alchemists, or the Union, your new mascot is now available in both resin and metal. To carry around your team, there's a new Battlefoam bag as well. I really need to figure out a better carrying solution for my team. I'm quickly outgrowing some re-purposed trays I had laying around from other games.