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New Season 3 Stat Cards for Guild Ball Posted

With Season 3 rapidly approaching, every Guild Ball player is on pins and needles, wondering how their favorite players (as well as their opponent's players) will change. Some are being changed a lot. Some are being changed a little. Steamforged is trickling out previews as SteamCon gets closer, with the online release of all the Season 3 cards online slated for the day after the convention ends. Until then, though, we've got two more players who we can see how they'll work in the wake of the rules changes.

Starting out, we have one of the central players in the current Butcher's Guild Civil War event. Fillet was always a mistress of the Bleed condition, and that certainly hasn't changed in Season 3. A little has changed, though, including a lower total health count, but a healing mechanism in place for when enemies with Bleed are around. She's also rather nimble with her Blade Dance ability.

On the other side, we have Minx, who got a lot of changes to her card. She's the first non-Hunter's Guild player to come with Snare. Considering her time with the Hunter's Guild, it makes sense that she'd have such an ability. She's also quite a "mover and a shaker" getting a damage + dodge result on each of her playbook levels. One big change for a Union player as she is, there's no "Selective" rule on her anymore. That can mean one of two things: 1) Union players can't play for other Guilds anymore or 2) there's no more restrictions on what Guilds a Union player can play for. Now, I'm not one for speculation, but considering taking away the "mercenaries" feel of the Union would be massive, I'm assuming that they can now just be used in whatever faction you want (barring some other sort of restriction on team-building such as limiting the number of Union players available per team per game).