New Sci-Fi Board Game Coming To Kickstarter This Summer

Outer Limit Games announces their upcoming sci-fi board game, Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis. Be on the lookout for it coming to Kickstarter soon.
Also be on the lookout for embedded audio on their website. I couldn’t see the button to turn it off, either.


From the announcement:

Outer Limit Games introduces an upcoming 2-6 player, star ship miniatures sci-fi sandbox game featuring six alien races who take on the role of an interstellar captains in Tau Ceti.

Each interstellar captain competes for power, while trying to resolve mysterious planetary crises that have recently begun to plague the Tau Ceti system such as; biological pandemics, magnetic storms, tectonic disruptions, atmospheric disturbances, chemical erosions, and more.

Players will have freedom to take a variety of actions such as; mining exotic elements, terra-forming, acquiring biological samples, hiring specialists, building a variety of weapons, defense and special technologies, trading, selling raw materials, attacking rivals, reverse engineering technologies, stealing, provoking planetary crises, manipulating economies, controlling resources and more.

Game play is approximately 1hr 30min – 2hrs. Look for the game on Kickstarter this summer.