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New Scenarios Released For The Walking Dead: All Out War

Mantic's The Walking Dead: All Out War pits you against your opponent for control of the board and resources. Oh, and there's hoards of zombies walking around. Can't forget those (it is kinda right in the name). The game is rather scenario-heavy, and it can potentially lead to running out of new ones to try. Well, fear not, as Mantic has posted up some new scenarios you can try not.

From the post:

We’re continuing our Walking Dead focus with something a little different today. If you’ve got the core game you’ll know that it comes with the standard supply run scenario. This sees two groups of survivors going up against each other to collect the most supplies before time runs out (or they get eaten by Walkers).

It’s a great starter scenario to teach you the game and offers the opportunity for some tense exchanges. Of course, if you’re a fan of narrative play, then the various expansions offer a range of scenarios. Such as making a path through an abandoned freeway in Days Gone Bye, to dealing with a Herd of Walkers in Miles Behind Us, and clearing out the prison in Safety Behind Bars.

However, if you’re looking to spice up your competitive games, then we’re pleased to release two new, downloadable scenarios that you can play. We’ve tested these scenarios here at Mantic HQ and they offer a different tactical approach to the standard game. They both use the components from the core set, so if you’ve got the game, you’re good to go. But what are the new scenarios?