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New Scenario for Flintloque posted on Orcs in the Webbe

Orcs in the Webbe has a new scenario up for Flintloque. It's... interesting...

From the release:

Heya Folks!

It is with great pleasure I can announce that I have kicked off the 2013 release schedule over on Orcs in the Webbe!

This weekend saw the return of CJ Hooper's International Spy, Austin Powys, in a new adventure for Alternative Armies' Flintloque (although it is easily adapted for any games system). Skyrimfall sees Austin investigating rumours of a fire-breathing Dragon that is terrorising the valleys of Taffsea seemingly controlled by the meglomanical Hugo Dracci.
The Saints Day scenarios are a favourite from years past! Released to coincide with the four Patron Saints Day celebrations of the UK and Ireland, each is in someway linked to the day in question.

Many of you have asked since I mentioned at Christmas about donating to OITW, I've started setting it up and hope to have an email with all the details on it on these groups over the next few days.