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New Saxons Available to Order For Hail Caesar From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a trio of new Saxon units that you can order over in their webshop. One's a set of Huscarls with Dane axes. The other two are Ceorls. So if you want axes to chop your opponents up or shortspears to stab them with, you've got your options open to add to your Hail Caesar warbands.

Huscarls were non-servile troops in service to a Saxon Lord or someone of similar ranking. Well trained and often used decent equipment, you’ll have to think twice before you go against a group of Saxon Huscarls…


The term Ceorl (or churl) eventually came to mean ‘a non-servile peasant’ which was the lowest class of a free man during the Saxon reign. This freedom gave the Ceorls the right to bear arms and fight!