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New Saxons Available For Hail Caesar

There's quite a lot of you out there with Saxon blood in your veins. Now, there can be quite a lot of you with Saxon minis out on your gaming tabletop (and, depending on how careful with your craft knife while cleaning and assembling the figures, you might have your Saxon blood out there as well..). Warlord Games has released some new Saxon Huscarls, as well as various new Saxon Leader sets. Ah yes, back when you could name your kid Leofric and nobody would bat an eyelash.

Armed with spears, round and kite shields, the Huscarls are usually the personal retinue of the king and are made up of venerable warriors and personal friends of the king.

This blister pack contains 8 Saxon Huscarls.


New Saxon Kings and Earls have risen to secure their place within your army.


Powerful warriors and expert tacticians, the new Saxon leaders are going to defeat your enemies with ease.