New Satria Battlesuit and Female Titan pre-orders from ZandrisIV Miniatures

ZandrisIV Miniatures posted previews up of their new Satria Battlesuit and the Female Titan they’ve been working. Pre-orders are happening now.


From the announcement:

I am pleased to announce the two latest releases from ZandrisIV miniatures, the long-awaited 28mm Satria Battlesuit, and special Female Titan. Both these items will be available for pre-order today, with the special offer prices being available for two weeks.

I expect to receive shipment of the final castings for all of the following next week.

Details as follows:

SF00004 – Type 45(D) ‘Satria’ Battlesuit – GBP13.00 (Offer) RRP GBP14.00
SF00005 – Satria Weapons Pack – GBP1.50
SF10004 – Satria Battlesuit Squad (3 Battlesuits, 3 Weapons Packs) – GBP40.00 (Offer) RRP GBP42.00

Female titan

Limited Edition – 20 units only
FR01 – Female Titan Casting Spell – GBP28.00 (Offer) RRP GBP30.00

Purchase them from the online store here

In Memoriam
I am sad to announce the discontinuation of the original Bouncer Battlesuit. While I remain proud of the design, and its status as my very first battlesuit, it has not aged well in this era of 3D printed ultra-detailed monstrosities, and the molds are really starting to fall apart. The quality of the castings has been steadily deteriorating, and I do not feel it would be fair to continue selling them after my current stock has run out.