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New Sarmatian Cataphracts from Warlord Games

Warlord Games have added new Sarmatian Cataphract miniatures to their online store. Sarmatian Cataphracts From their announcement:
Thundering in on armoured steeds, the Sarmatian heavy horsemen are here. Providing shock cavalry for your Dacianarmy or acting as Auxiliary Cavalry in your Roman army these riders will make a mess of most things in their path… Allied to the Dacians these heavy horsemen wore scale mail and sat astride barded horses the Cataphracts wielded the long Kontos spear as well as carrying bow and arrow. Woe betide your enemy if the Sarmatian Cataphracts went from trot to gallop... You can now add these remarkable models to your army and get your sent sent free of shipping charges during August.