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New Sandbag Bunker available from Baueda

Baueda gives your little mans a place to hide from enemy bullets with their new Sandbag Bunker terrain piece.


From the release:

Code: 28010CB
28mm Sandbag Bunker (4 pieces)

A much larger sandbag bunker than the 28mm frontline sentry post we already had in catalog, comes with a separate roof piece and two "L" shaped sections of fortifications plus a small ammo boxes pile.
This imposing emplacement can comfortably fit four figures mounted on 25mm round bases inside with some room to spare, so plenty of space to use it as a machine gun nest, for a recoilless gun fortified position or as a command post. Perfect as the centerpiece of a larger defence system or as a game objective, all the pieces in this set have plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, and can be used for basically any conflict from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!