New Samurai Dwarves from Cavalcade Wargames

Cavalcade Wargames have released a new pack of 28mm Samurai Dwarves.

28mm Samurai Dwarves

From their announcement:

New this week from Cavalcade Wargames is a new command pack of Samurai Dwarves for our Fantasy Armies of the Far East. They are 28mm, come supplied unpainted and with three 25mm plastic slotted bases. Sculpted by Bob Olley. Three for $11.99 USD.

The Fantasy Armies of the Far East line of miniatures focuses on fantasy races and monsters from the Orient. These fierce creatures battle for control of sections of a large island. Nomadic orcs and goblins ride to battle on wolves and chariots. Dwarves fight from their stronghold fortresses. Large seafaring ogres sail from far away lands in search of treasure and fresh meat. We have many releases planned for this range.

Cavalcade Wargames is a wargaming company that produces high-quality 28mm miniatures for wargamers, painters, modelers and collectors. Among the ranges we produce are Dragonblood Miniatures, Ming Chinese, Wako Pirates, Somali Pirates, French and Indian War, and Fantasy Armies of the Far East. We also distribute Kingsford Miniatures in the U.S.