New Salamanders Legion Fire Drakes available to order from Forge World

Forge World has started taking orders for their new Salamanders Legion Fire Drake units.
They’re hot, hot, hot.



From the website:

The elite of the Salamanders Legion are those Legionaries known as the Firedrakes; veterans chosen not simply for their martial skill, but also because of their mental resilience and capacity for discipline and self-sacrifice; for these are values the Promethean Cult holds in high esteem. Tried and tempered in the flames of war, just as a blade is tempered in the flames of the forge, the Firedrakes are indefatigable and relentless, possessing a singular focus in battle which borders on the preternatural and legendary resilience; a matter as much to do with their phenomenal willpower as their superhuman physiology or superlatively fashioned arms and armour.

The Salamanders Legion Firedrakes are a complete multi-part resin kit, armed with thunderhammers and dragonscale pattern storm shields, designed by Keith Robertson. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Wednesday 30th July.