New Rustic Houses available from Escenografia Epsilon

Escenografia Epsilon has some new rustic house terrain pieces over in their webshop to enhancing your gaming experience.


From the post:

The 10mm Catalogue change and grown in the Epsilon WEB. We want offer a cheap 10mm amazing catalogue painted in 10mm. Today is available the first pack, Eastern Front 1. The pack contains 2 Russian wood houses, 1 Russian warehouse and 1 Russian windmill. The four pieces are painted and Ready2Play and the price is only €19,99.

We change the price and the format that the other 10mm reference. Is Available the new pack in 10mm: Farm pack with two farms painted and Ready2Play in 10mm, the priced is only €9,99.

Today is available a new limited edition in 15mm: Two Ukrainian houses painted and Ready2play perfect for Flames of War game. The pack price is only €24.

We are working to bring out more 10mm packs whit the some idea; 3 or 4 houses for less of €24 . If you are interested in some idea, please send me and e-mail or comment the blog, facebook, twiter ..... We love to read your comments!

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