New Rusted Heroes releases

Fantization Miniatures have released two new figures for their Rusted Heroes fantasy skirmish game.


From their announcement:

The latest release for our Rusted Heroes Skirmish game is RHM5002 “Medusa the Gorgon” for our Ancients faction. She’s available now for $9.99 US Dollars. She was sculpted by Tom Mason and she’s approximately 32mm from the bottom of her feet/tail to the top of her head. Medusa is also supplied with an optional Greek Sword and Sheath if you don’t want the bow/quiver look with stats on her character card for the the alternate weapon combo.

Medusa has a detriment called “Decapitation”. If she’s hit with a critical she gets decapitated automatically and she comes with an extra item card of her head which can be picked up by another character and used as a weapon for paralyzing and turning other models to stone.

Our pre-order this month is RHM4005 “Sir Schaning, Hedge Knight Mercenary Leader” for our Mercenary faction. He’ll be available in late January for $9.99 US Dollars. He was sculpted by Tom Mason as well and is approximately 32mm from the bottom of his feet to the top of his helm. A couple of his standout abilities is his Sweep Attack with his Great Sword and Resourcefullness allowing reallocation of Actions.