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New Runewars Releases Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Last weekend, I got to watch my first full game of Runewars. It's an interesting-looking game. The two players were playing a 200 point army, which is apparently a "standard size." Though, since both really just had a couple starter-boxes to go with, it was kind of a stretch to get to those point totals. What they needed were some expansions. Well, this week, it'll be much easier for them to get to those totals, since there's four new expansion boxes available for the game, two for each faction.

From the releases:

Lord Hawthorne is one of the most protective figures in Runewars Miniatures Game. With two surges, Lord Hawthorne can receive an inspiration token to fight off any harmful Bane conditions that come his way. Furthermore, anytime he makes a melee attack, he may make another melee attack against another figure he has yet to target this turn. This can make trying to flank Lord Hawthorne a risky proposition—even when he is surrounded, Lord Hawthorne can dish out a hefty amount of damage.

The Spearmen Unit Expansion features eight plastic figures and two infantry trays, allowing you to form a two-tray unit of spearmen or add those trays to an existing unit.

Ankaur Maro's hefty ranged attack fluctuates in power, rolling a number of white dice equal to the amount of unstable energy runes on the field.

The Reanimates Unit Expansion features eight plastic Reanimate figures and two plastic trays to form a two-tray unit or add on to another unit.

Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion Source
Spearmen Unit Expansion Source
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