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New Rules for Alternative Armies' Typhon Now Online at Barking Irons

Barking Irons features an article for one of Alternative Armies lesser known games - Typhon, the game of Greek Myth:

From their announcement:

Typhon combines elements of roleplaying with the Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece to form a cracking little wargames ruleset that is both flexible and fun while still providing a challenge for experienced gamers. Act out anything from a single combat between two mighty Heroes to a large skirmish against a horde of monsters. Typhon is a game that you can play with as few or as many miniatures as you wish.

Today's article is a series of house rules which, when added to those found in the main rulebook, create an even richer and dynamic gameplay experience in your games of Typhon.

House Rules for Typhon by Alex Draper