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New RPG map from Heroic Maps - Desert Temple Entrances

Heroic Maps gives you new ways to get into your desert temples with their new Desert Temple Entrances map pack.

Temple Entrances


From the release:

Contents: Five 10x10 battlemaps depicting doors and entrances to Ancient Egyptian-style temples. Each tile features an outdoor area (which matches with Desert Wilderness) and the interior of an Ancient temple or tomb. The set is designed to work alongside the other maps in the Desert Temple range to create huge Egyptian encounter maps.

Uses: Explore the lost ruins of Egypt, bring an artefact to the Priests in the temple, escape the tomb of the Pharaoh with the Mummy's treasure, unlock puzzles and ancient secrets, dare to awaken the Grand Hierophant, discover if there really is a 'Curse of the Mummy', seek a blessing of the spirits still haunting the temple complex, use the pools of water in a summoning ceremony, visit the long forgotten Palace of the Pharaoh, walking past the statues of ancient Kings.