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New Romans from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has some new Roman Legionnaires for your historical minis gaming needs.

From the release:

More 15/18mm Ancients from Blue Moon Manufacturing

In case your Gauls were getting out of control Blue Moon has just released our first 4 codes of Romans to help you fight the Gauls.
15RAE-115 Roman Legionnaire Command (15 Command figures consisting of 5 Officers, 5 Musicians and 5 Standard-bearers, included are a variety of staffs to choose from for your Standard-bearers) $8.00
15RAE-116 Roman Legionnaires Advancing with Pilum (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-117 Roman Legionnaires Advancing / Gladius (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-118 Roman Legionnaires throwing Pilum (30 figs) $15.00

We have more codes in various ranges arriving in a steady stream so continue to watch for more announcements.