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New Roman Carroballista from Warlord Games

Warlord Games have added a Roman Carroballista to their online store. Roman Carroballist From their announcement:
With the release of our lovely new plastic Roman Scorpion we can revisit our Carroballista again. The new set comes with the metal cart and mules but the old metal Scorpion has been replaced by the newer plastic model. This allows for far more modelling opportunities as the crew are multi-pose with stacks of variation. You can use the war machine from the back of the cart like a self-propelled gun or simply use the cart to rapidly redeploy to a more advantageous position. However you choose to field this weapon it's certainly something out of the ordinary to confuse your opponents with. You can get your eager little hands on the new Caroballista now and as if that's not excitement enough we are also offering free worldwide shipping during August.