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New Retribution Releases Available For Warmachine

The elves in Western Immoren have had quite a time of it lately. Their gods had disappeared. Their kids were being born without souls. They had a vampire version of one of them trying to kill their last god. It as kind of a mess. Now, things are turning around a bit. They're on the warpath and taking their own future into their hands. The new Command book for the faction is available for Warmachine, as well as several new units and a warcaster.

From the release:

Once outlawed as a dangerous and radical sect of extremists, the Retribution of Scyrah has become the last shining beacon of hope for the elves of Ios. The Retribution is convince that by elimination the spread of magic among humans, it can halt the slow demise of the elves' last remaining gods and save their race from soulless oblivion. The Retribution's weapons and its warjacks, called myrmidons, harness the power of arcanika and tap powers undreamed of by the other nations of the Iron Kingdoms. Led by warcasters drawn together from the numerous houses and martial disciplines of Ios, the army of the Retribution represents undeniable peril to any who would dare threaten the Iosan people or the elven nation.

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