New Relics Starter Sets plus Dice are here

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Jun 26th, 2012

Tor Gaming helps you get into Relics quickly with some new starter set bundles. Plus, they’ve got that one thing every gamer has a weakness for: Dice. You can never have too many dice.

From the update:

July is going to be a super week for all Relics fans, old and new, as we release the new starter sets!

The new editions of the starter sets (including the Nuem!!) are available for pre-order right now from our store!

The new starter sets are a better introduction to the game of Relics than our previous sets were as they now come with a commander.

Each starter ways in at about 100 points, so gives you plenty of room to grow your force, and will set you back just £22!

In addition, we have two and four starter bundles and a Two Player Starter Bundle that comes with TWO rulebooks!!

Plus, we have the new faction dice avialable for pre-order too!

Starters: £22 Each
Two starter bundle: £37.39 for two starters of your choice
Four starter bundle: £ 70.40 for four starters of your choice (Perfect for clubs!)
Two player starter set: £64.00
8 16mm Faction dice: £12
6 16mm Faction dice plus pouch with faction logo on: £12

Why not check out the blog post for all the details. Or go straight to the store and pre-order now!

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