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New Relics Starter Sets plus Dice are here

Tor Gaming helps you get into Relics quickly with some new starter set bundles. Plus, they've got that one thing every gamer has a weakness for: Dice. You can never have too many dice.

From the update:

July is going to be a super week for all Relics fans, old and new, as we release the new starter sets!

The new editions of the starter sets (including the Nuem!!) are available for pre-order right now from our store!

The new starter sets are a better introduction to the game of Relics than our previous sets were as they now come with a commander.

Each starter ways in at about 100 points, so gives you plenty of room to grow your force, and will set you back just £22!

In addition, we have two and four starter bundles and a Two Player Starter Bundle that comes with TWO rulebooks!!

Plus, we have the new faction dice avialable for pre-order too!

Starters: £22 Each
Two starter bundle: £37.39 for two starters of your choice
Four starter bundle: £ 70.40 for four starters of your choice (Perfect for clubs!)
Two player starter set: £64.00
8 16mm Faction dice: £12
6 16mm Faction dice plus pouch with faction logo on: £12

Why not check out the blog post for all the details. Or go straight to the store and pre-order now!