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New Relics releases coming soon

Tor Gaming have announced two upcoming releases for their Relics fantasy skirmish game. From their website:
August the 31st sees the first new squad reinforcements for both the Britanans and Orcnar that aren't available in their starter sets.. For the Britanans, we have the Marksmen. Priced at £5.90 for two, these boys are the elite sneaky buggers of the Britanan force. Ranging out ahead of the main force, knocking out high priority targets, who the hell wouldn't want a couple of these in their force??? For the Orcnar, we have the Grymman. Priced at £5.90 for three, these little buggers are bringing some much needed range capability to the Orcnar force. Screaming at the tops of their voices, Maaj uses are especially at danger of these primate like Orcnars. You can pre-order now though our store, or better still badger and annoy your local store until they start stocking the range.