New releases from Raiden

Raiden Miniatures have released three new 1:285th scale aircraft models.


From their website:

Apologies for the lact of updates, unfortunately life in the form of Mark doing his wrist in somewhat badly last month has delayed releases somewhat. However, he’s on the mend and and things are getting back to normal. Some orders have been delayed slightly but we should clear the backlog by the end of the week.

Now to more interesting news. We have three new aircraft to release, but before that…

Some of you may have noticed that we will shortly have released 100 miniatures in 1/285th scale. So we decided we would have to mark this mile stone appropriately. However before that we need to release aircraft number 99 which is the F-86E Sabre.

For number 100 we are pleased to announce our first laser cut 3D Computer modeled release. For your gaming pleasure we give you a La-5FN. As you will imagine getting a plane 3D modeled is not cheap but we will not be charging a premium for these items, the La-5FN will be the usual GBP1.00. Further 3D releases will follow as funds allow.

And finally our third release is a Gloster Javelin from the old Dogfight range.

The workbench & Pick the week have been updated.