New releases from Outpost Wargame Services

Outpost Wargame Services have announced new releases and an expansion of the photos available in their online store.

From their website:

More 28mm Russo-Tukish War now available – Russian Guard Firing, Artillery Crew, Dismounted Don/Ural Cossacks and caucasian Cossacks firing.

15mm Later Crusade Photos updated – whole range now available

I’ve just got th emasters for an extension to the Highwaymen range – these are lovely (says he in a completely unbiased way.). We’ve done a Bow Street runners set with a couple of footpads to go with them, John ‘Swift Nick’ Nevison and a gang of three new highwaymen. Pics of the masters will be posted at the weekend.

We are now starting to gear up for Salute – please pre-order if you possibly can