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New releases from Olleys Armies

Olleys Armies have added several packs of 28mm figures to their online store. Mutant Scrunt From their announcement:
We are very pleased to announce that the latest new miniature releases are now available to buy from Olleys Armies online store. The new releases are :
  • 14 Scrunt Mutant Hunter Troopers, sold in packs of 4 for £12 GBP and 3 for £9.00
  • 3 Scrunt Mutant Hunters with Dachshund Dogs £3.50 GBP each
  • 1 Dachshund £1.50 GBP
  • Scrunt Dog Cart kit for £7.50 GBP, also available are choices of various contents
  • The Scrunt Iron Guard, £4.00 GBP each, this is a heavy armoured version of a scrunt, with a choice of six different weapon arm options.
  • 8 Mutant Scrunts at £3.50 GBP each
The new releases all compliment existing Scrunt ranges, are all in 28mm scale and are cast in high quality metal . We base the prices for our miniatures on the spin cost, current metal cost and the weight of the miniature. Unfortunately as a result of increased high metal costs, the price per miniature is higher than previous releases, but we hope when you look at the good size and quality of an Olleys Armies casting you will still feel like you are getting a good deal. Thank you for reading