New releases from Mutineer

Mutineer Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Indian Mutiny figures.

Mutineer Command 1

From their announcement:

Mutineer Miniatures pride ourselves on listening to our customers.  Many of you asked for a regular sepoy and irregular Indian command, so that’s just what we did. We have released a new MUT04 with a Subedar sepoy Officer Drummer, standard Bearer, and NCO.
MUT04 Mutineer Command 1
The other two figures including the very popular Bahkt Khan figure now make up a new irregular command figure pack MUT06 Mutineer command 2.

MUT06 Mutineer Command 2 
This new command gives you the popular bahkt Khan, a dismounted sowar, Drummer and standard bearer.
MUT20 Additional command pack
We have not forgotten those customers that support our ever expanding range.  For customers that would like to add the 4 new figures without impacting on the MUT04 they have already purchased we have created MUT20 which will allow you to change the command packs you currently have.

We have also released the Elephant command MUT09  This consists of

  • Indian Prince figure
  • Bodyguard
  • Mahoot
  • Howdah
  • Elephant

John Company Rules
These are a great set of rules, specifically for the wars in India from the Sikh wars to the main period of the Indian mutiny. The rules come as a set with all the graphics or as just the book.  All the graphics are in the main book just photocopy them if you don’t want the cost of the colour graphics.
John Company with graphics pack £26.99
John Company without Graphics £16.99