New releases from Musketeer Miniatures

Gripping Beast have announced several new releases from Musketeer Miniatures.

Goth Command

From their announcement:

Under the watchful eye of Lord S and under the threat of a jolly good thrashing should he fail, Musketeer Bill is furiously making moulds for all the new Musketeer releases so that they can debut at this weekends Derby Show (Derby University.) We are hoping to have:

  • Goth Commitatus
  • Goth Archers
  • Goth Infantry Command
  • Goth General and Standard Bearer
  • Sudanese Infantry Command
  • Sudanese Spearmen
  • Sudanese Archers
  • VBCW Militia HMG team
  • VBCW Royal Mail Rocket Team
  • Jarl Sigvaldi the Jomsviking Raider
  • Rotting Roger the Zombie Fantasy Football Player

Why not pop along and see us at the Derby show and see them for yourself. If your lucky, Bill will show you his weals from the birching…

All these packs are now available for pre-order from the Musketeer Miniatures web-site.