New releases from Kromlech

Kromlech have several new releases which will be available for sale this weekend at Salute 2010. CDestroyer.jpg From their announcement:
As you already know you'll be able to buy our stuff this Saturday at Salute. Besides our regular items it'll be first opportunity to buy two new releases. First of them is "mechanical" beast - Clanking Destroyer. This blister pack contains enough random parts to build one Clanking Destroyer. Plastic base included. Designed by Marcin "Majster" Szmyt. Second release is something new. Something not "mechanical" at all. Ladies and Gentleman. Let me present you our new range of products called Orc War II. First item in this range is "German Orc Heads in Helmets". Set contains 10 random heads. Sculpted by John Connor. Painted by Camelson.