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New releases from Knuckleduster

Knuckleduster have added new figures to their Western and War of 1812 miniature ranges. Western figures From their website:
Today I'm releasing five new packs, three 1812 and two 28mm Old West. For the Old West, I've replaced the Saloon Gals and the Onlookers. The new packs are Working Men and Soiled Doves.         (The saloon gals are G-Rated due to judicious placement of soap bubbles and yes, Working Men is a Rush reference . . . ) For 1812, the new releases include Generals Jacob Brown with his aide Colonel Gardiner, Brigade commanders Scott and Ripley (Scott's horse rearing as in McBarron's famous painting), and 1814 US line advancing in the ubiquitous "high porte" pose that is useful for both formed and skirmishing units.